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As promised, here’s some more information on our new family member, Tucker!

Well, of course you can give me a belly rub

Tucker glamour shot taken when he was with the rescue

Another glamour shot, very debonaire, don't you think?

We got Tucker on Jan. 3 from a dog rescue in Indianapolis. They had had him since Thanksgiving, where he was placed with a foster family and cared for well. (They had named him Butler, but as Butler is a rival of the SIUC Salukis, we decided to change it. He didn’t seem to mind.) He is a shar pei and pit bull mix, so he has really big floppy cheeks and tiny ears.

He was about 10 months old when we got him. As no one knows when exactly he was born, we decided to give him an auspicious birthday – The Ides of March. As of right now, there are no special plans for March 15th, but maybe he’ll get a special treat or something.

When we first got him, he was a pretty nervous puppy. He submissive peed a lot (Hooray for Clorox wipes!) but a month and a half after we got him, he is doing much better, and only pees a little sometimes when he meets new people. Which is why we like to make introductions outside.

Our house has a closed-in porch with a dog door (that he just barely fits through. We’ll be making sure not to overfeed him!), which is perfect. We don’t have to leave him in his kennel all day or worry about him destroying things or making a mess. We just don’t put anything out there if we would really be upset if it got destroyed.

The porch, and proof of Tucker's destructive abilities

Shortly after we got him, we started obedience classes. (We opted for 16 weeks instead of 8, as he is rather hard headed) So far he’s been doing really well. He has learned to sit and we are currently working on lay down, stay, leave it and loose leash walking. We almost have “off” under control. The foster family allowed him on the furniture, but we don’t, so it took a little bit to get that through his head. Now the most he tries is a paw or maybe both on the couch. He also jumped on people a lot when we got him, and while he hasn’t yet learned to stop jumping, he just leaps in the air and not on people, which is actually pretty adorable. For the most part, he is very calm and does well around people he doesn’t know. He gets a little too excited when he’s around new dogs but is not allowed to greet them, but he is also getting better with staying calm. He is very vocal, and grumbles a lot. He also yawns loudly and snores.

Some Tucker stats:

Weight: 54 pounds

Height: Approximately 24 inches at his back

Favorite toys: Tennis balls, soft toys and his bone

Favorite treats: Peanut butter and ice cubes

He also likes:

To conquer things (mostly Paul)

The Colts (but not wearing bandanas)

To sleep and cuddle by the fireplace

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aaaand we’re back!

Sorry for the long delay. What with the cruise, Christmas and moving, we’ve been pretty busy.

We’ve got the main level of the house unpacked, which went really quickly. I’ll be updating you on some projects we did over the next week or so.

First thing, first, a few highlights of the cruise!

There was walking on the beach

A really big boat!

Towel animals

Shows! (this was an excerpt from Mamma Mia!)

and champagne!

It was a wonderful trip and we were sad to see it end, but we hit the road running when we returned. In the past two weeks, we have moved all of our stuff to Indianapolis, spent much quality time with our families and then returned to Indianapolis to unpack our stuff. We were very dedicated, and got a lot done quickly, so we decided to go ahead and start our next project:

More to come on him later, too!

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Sayonara, stuff!

I have had a very serious problem with being a packrat for, well, my entire life. I have decided that will be the case no more!

This resolution has come from several things. One of those is the fact that our attic is CRAMMED full of unpacked boxes, and now, at the final hour, I must go through them. I keep telling myself that they are added insulation, but I am probably wrong. The other is that, the last time we went to my parents’ home, it took me (with Mom’s help) many hours to sort through all of the things I had been hanging on to for years and years. When I was sorting through this, I had a realization that, while these things were once important to me, they are only things.

So today, I took one bag of clothes to consign (where I earned $28.42! Woo!) I also took three boxes of stuff to the Salvation Army, and more will go tomorrow! I’m glad to get rid of it, but sad because I know we hauled all of that stuff around during the last move! But, there’s no better time than now to begin! (Mom, are you reading this?)

Paul also went through some boxes and got rid of a big box of stuff. I hope some of it (like the remote control Corvette Paul received as a joke gift from his dad – when you graduate college I’ll buy you a Corvette!) ends up making some child very happy for Christmas 🙂


Anybody else on a mission to pare down?

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Hey! Nice to see you!

Welcome to our blog! Here we’ll be keeping you all updated about our new life in Indy, adjusting to city living, settling in and the projects we take on! We’ll also be blogging about sweet finds or disappointing dives as we learn about Indy ourselves.

We’re still in Illinois for a couple of weeks, but we’ll be keeping you up to date on everything we get done between now and Dec. 23, when our stuff will be unloaded in Indy! We might also show you a tantalizing photo or two of our Western Caribbean cruise we’ll be on next week for our honeymoon!

For now, we’re trying to keep things clean clean clean and very organized! I have been strategically grouping things so that the moving company packs them together! Today’s project: Finish the craft room and work on the attic!

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