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Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day! Today Paul and I are taking things apart with the purpose of putting them back together in a better way. So what that means for us is that we’re doing lots of work and the house looks like we just moved in. It also means several new exciting things to blog about! More to come later this week.


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Roll with the punches

That is what we have done this week. Paul’s grandfather passed away Sunday night in his sleep after a long illness. So I promised you all several blog posts, but we left for Wichita Tuesday night and have been rolling ever since. But the trip has given rise to a couple more so I hope to get you a few next week.

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Sorry I’m so bad at this. Also, steak.

Sorry it’s been so long. I have been adjusting back to the working grind, and while it has already been 3 months, I have not been doing a great job of keeping up with this. I do have several posts saved up, so I have been thinking about blogging but not actually do it. Here’s a quick update, with a promise for more!

The other night we made a simple but delicious meal. We grilled a very thick steak to medium rare, and made a mushroom wine sauce to go over it. We crumbled some blue cheese over the top and it was absolutely delicious. I made mashed potatoes the way I usually do, with some potatoes, milk, butter and salt to taste, and then for an added deliciousness, I added garlic and goat cheese! Goat cheese in mashed potatoes adds an extra rich creaminess and I love it. We cooked some baby carrots in butter and brown sugar and that was all there was to it! Paired with a delicious dry red wine, and we had a quick and delicious meal.

The mushroom sauce recipe was actually from a mushroom cookbook we bought at the St. Louis Arch.

“Old-Fashioned Mushroom Recipes, by Bear Wallow Books”

Mushroom Sauce

1 cup fresh mushrooms, sliced

2 Tbs. butter

2 Tbs. flour

1 cup chicken broth

1/2 tsp. Worchestershire sauce

1/4 tsp. salt

Dash garlic salt

1/8 ts. black pepper

1 tsp. cooking wine (I used the wine we planned to drink and put in more than a tsp.

Saute mushrooms in butter. Remove mushrooms. Blend flour into pan, then stir in remaining ingredients and let come to a boil. Return mushrooms to the sauce and serve.



I am going to try to get a couple more saved posts up this week!

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Who’s hungry!

We’ve been cooking lots lately. Some highlights:

This lovely grilled pineapple over pound cake with caramel rum sauce was so amazing.

The pound cake recipe is from How to Cook Everything by Bittman (this cookbook is legendary, and also, really can tell you how to cook almost anything. I recommend it.)

The rest was from Bobby Flay’s Grill It Cookbook, which is also where the fish taco recipe came from.

We also made some homemade pot pie!

We started by chopping up some fresh vegetables.

Then we cooked some chicken leg quarters in the pressure cooker. We did three leg quarters, four cups of water, some thyme, some rosemary, two bay leaves and a quarter of an onion. We reserved the water, skimmed off the fat and froze it in one cup bags to use as chicken stock.

We mixed together the chicken, vegetables, a couple cans of cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup and popped it all in a store bought pie crust. In the over for about an hour at 400, and we ate this delicious thing:

We actually cut up way too many vegetables, and ended up with enough to fill three pies. So we took the second two pies and wrapped them in several layers of plastic wrap, put them in a large freezer bag and put them in the freezer so we’ll have some easy home cooked meals in the next few weeks.

We also had some excitement last weekend. Seth and Amanda came to visit, so naturally we decided it would be a good idea to put on some camo and shoot each other.

Paintball was really fun, and Amanda and I kicked butt!

I still haven’t found a job, and just got word I didn’t receive the one I interviewed for about five weeks ago. I do have  meeting tomorrow about another one, though (It’s not really an interview I don’t think) so wish me luck!

In the meantime, we told Tucker he needs to find some work.

Have a happy Memorial Day!

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Isn’t it beautiful!

All this beauty makes me want to be outside! But first, a quick blog post.

Here are some photos of our backyard, where Tucker has lots of fun! There is also a fire pit, which we haven’t gotten to enjoy quite yet, but the weather is getting warmer so we should be able to soon!

The fire pit!

The deck. There's a basketball hoop to the left. This is a view from the upstairs landing.

Enjoy the weather!

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House photos!

Here are some photos of the front portion of the house.

The view from the front door. The living room is to the right, the kitchen is around the corner to the left. The first door on the left in the hallway goes upstairs, the second is a coat closet. That is the office straight ahead.

The entrance to the living room

The fireplace. I am still working on finding frames I like for wedding photos to go above the mantle.

The other end of the living room. The window looks onto the front porch.

The kitchen! We love to cook. Paul installed the pot rack above the stove, and I made the curtain at the back left for an appliance garage. Hopefully you can forgive the mess and clutter. It's also nice having a bar to eat at, as there isn't really room for a dining table anywhere.

We don't really know what to call this room. It's just kind of stuck in the middle with no room for a dining room table.

The dining table is on the enclosed porch, but we don't ever actually eat there. The porch also serves as the place for Goodwill donations and recyclables. Also, WordPress won't let me flip the photo and I don't feel like fighting with it. So sorry about that.

This door goes to the patio in the backyard. It conveniently came with a doggy door, so the dog can come inside or go outside when we aren't home. Same story with the sideways photo.

So that’s the main part of the home.

Coming next week:

Roasted chicken!

The outside of our home

The back of our home (bedroom, office and bathroom)

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A quick apology, a quick update

So sorry for the hiatus. Just thought I’d give you a quick update and tell you about my new initiatives to make sure I blog at least once a week.

First of all, I am spring cleaning this week, so I will have photos of the rest of the house up this week.

Second, quite a while ago, I gave myself a goal of cooking one new recipe each week. The point was to try and learn new techniques, new foods, new flavors and to reduce the amount of eating out we did. A goal that kind of piggybacked was to do more meal planning, take grocery store trips that were less frequent and more accomplished and to reduce the amount of food that is in our freezer and refrigerator. When we moved to Indy, I started putting a list on the refrigerator of what we had ingredients to make.

With the cruise, the holidays and the move all piling up in December, the new-recipe-a-week goal went by the wayside, so I am now renewing that goal, and each week I will blog about it , providing a recipe, photos, notes and pointers in case anyone else wants to join me or thinks a particular recipe sounds particularly delicious.

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