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Fogo de Chao Parmesan Pork

I love Fogo de Chao’s parmesan pork. The other day I was surfing Pinterest and found a coypcat recipe. Last night we gave the recipe a shot!

We used this recipe.

The flavor of the pork was fantastic. The marinade seems a bit odd, but is so delicious. Some of the pieces turned out a bit dry, specifically the ones on the ends of our skewers and the smaller pieces. It suggests cutting the cubes as evenly as you can, but it’s a bit tough to do that since a pork loin isn’t traditionally square. All in all, definitely a recipe we will be using again. I think maybe next time we will try either cooking the loin whole and injecting some of the marinade or cutting it into medallions rather than small cubes to try to find  a balance between maximum flavor and maximum moisture.

A couple of changes, specifically to the parmesan part. I bought a block and grated it myself. The parmesan was pretty strong, and I didn’t use the full 5.3 oz block. I used about half of it, and it was plenty. I also didn’t leave it on the grill a full minute on both sides after adding the parmesan. I did on side for a minute and then just left it on the grill for a few seconds to get the cheese melty on the other, although the pork is still hot when you put it on, so that’s maybe not even necessary.

Fogo de Chao copycat parmesan porkAddendum: As you can probably tell in the picture, my skewers got a little crispy. That’s because I forgot to soak them (and I just now realized this. A week later.). However, only the ends got crisped, so it didn’t really hurt anything. But next time, I’ll soak them first. 🙂


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4th of July Weekend – 1 year wedding anniversary and Barbecued Buffalo Beer Can Chicken

As many of you know, July 3 was our 1 year wedding anniversary! To celebrate, we ate at Oceannaire, an absolutely amazing seafood restaurant in downtown Indianapolis. I definitely recommend this place if you are into seafood. They have a raw oyster bar, with oysters from several different places. They have specials that change frequently (possibly daily) and all their seafood is flown in fresh. They also went all out for our anniversary, giving us an anniversary card, personalized menus and a free flaming ice cream dessert. It is a bit expensive, so maybe best saved for special occasions.

After dinner, we ate our cake top. The outside was a bit stale, but the further toward the center you got, the better the cake got.

We also went to the Ball & Biscuit, a really neat Mass Ave. establishment. The drinks there are also a bit expensive, but they only use top shelf liquors and the drinks are fairly strong. The high quality of the liquor make the strength not only tolerable, but enjoyable. They have quite a few signature cocktails, which are their specialty, and they make all of their own syrups, so everything tastes great. One drink at the Ball & Biscuit is worth more than 3 drinks at a cheap college bar and the decor and vibe are really great, too. We also got a couple of the cheeses they offer, which were also amazing.

For the 4th Paul and I decided it would be fun to grill, as is tradition, but weren’t in the mood for hamburgers and hot dogs. Instead, I made up this recipe, and it turned out pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) so here it is! The breasts turned out a little dry, but I’m going to go ahead and decide to blame the dead battery in our meat thermometer for that one (because it’s my blog and my cooking and therefore I can do that).

Barbecued Buffalo Beer Can Chicken

Rub whole chicken with spice rub made with salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, a bit of nutmeg for good measure and a touch of brown sugar. Rub the mixture under the skin. Also pour some Frank’s between the skin and the chicken.

Cut the top off of a beer can and pour out (or drink) about 1/4 of the beer. Put the beer can inside the chicken.

Cook the whole chicken for about 1 hour and 15 minutes in a hot grill with the lid on. Baste with buffalo sauce (1/2 cup Frank’s and 1/3 cup melted butter) around 45 minutes in. Use about 1/2 cup to baste and the rest to dip the chicken in when it is finished.


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Broad Ripple Brewpub = Delicious

So, Paul and I really like to eat and to try new foods, but there is one restaurant in Indy that we just keep going back to.

It’s called the Broad Ripple Brewpub. The menu is crazy diverse, with everything from vegan dolmades to bangers and mash to skewers of German sausage with sauerkraut balls. We’ve only been there with small groups, but the diverse menu really makes it a great place to take a group with different tastes or with many vegetarians, as our weekly dinner group in Champaign was.

Everything we have ever tried there we have loved. Some of those selections include their fish and chips, burrito, drunken tortellini and the German sausage skewers with sauerkraut balls, all of which were wonderful. So far my favorite has been their chili. Their chili is a combination of bison and beef and is served with tortilla strips, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, red onion, sour cream and guacamole. So delicious.

The "light" portion of fish and chips

The fish and chips were delicious, and while some restaurants will give you french fries, the Brewpub actually gives you real chips. Now, I am ok with the fries, I just want the potato, but I have to tell you about the Brewpub’s pub chips. They are perfect. Light and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside. Served with a bit of salt and some ketchup, and they are to die for.

You also will notice that I labeled the above photo “light.” The Brewpub has a selection of their most popular dishes in a smaller portion. Every time I have ordered something that is also on the lighter menu, I have always ordered the smaller portion and still always had leftovers. Now, their regular portions are not disgustingly huge to begin with, and I would maybe rename the “light” menu to the “just right” menu. I have ordered from the light menu before so I could add an order of their pub chips.

We also recently discovered that Indy’s “it” food is the pork tenderloin sandwich. So, last time we went there, Paul checked it out.

Pork tenderloin as big as your head!

Apparently part of the pork tenderloin being the “it” thing is that they are huge, as exhibited by the above photo. But the hugeness does not come from it just being a huge cut of meat. It once upon a time was regular sized, and they pound it thin so it is tender and crispy and delicious. And also bigger than the bun and your head. Combined.

The Brewpub also has their own selection of brewed-in-house beers. A lot of them are more hoppy beers, and I am not a fan of hoppy beers, but Paul is and he likes them. I like to order their English style pub brews, which are more like porters and such. They’re pretty good, but they serve them English style, a.k.a., not ice cold, which I’m not a huge fan of, being American and liking my beverages cold. Their selections also change according to the season. They also have a nice list of bottled beer and several beers brewed in Indianapolis. They also sell growlers of their house brews to go. They can even sell them on Sundays. Which is a big deal. (For those of you unfamiliar with Indiana, you cannot buy any alcohol to go on Sundays. Anywhere. You can by a beer to drink at the restaurant, but you can’t take anything home. Not even from a grocery store. It’s crazy.)

The prices at the Brewpub are also good. Many of the entrees are less than $10, and the beers are also reasonably priced. We’ve always had good service there, and the atmosphere reminds you of a classic English pub, kind of dark with a hint of dingyness (the restaurant is very clean, just has a grungy vibe) They also have a nice outdoor eating area. There is no smoking inside the restaurant (Indiana is not smoke free, we were sad to learn) and the outdoor areas are divided into smoking on one side of the building and non-smoking on an adjacent side.

So, if you live here or are just visiting, Paul and I both give Broad Ripple Brewpub two thumbs up for lunch or dinner.

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