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Cutesy Coasters

I really love the coasters that look like they fell off a wall in some Tuscan kitchen, but haven’t been able to find them anywhere to buy, and if I do they want way more money than I am willing to pay for them. So to Pinterest I went! There are a ton of tutorials on making your own coasters using ceramic tiles. I kind of took a little bit from each one, and here’s what I came up with!

I got ceramic coasters from Lowe’s. They were 18 cents apiece, and I got 10.

I really was trying to find some scrapbook paper with more of a painted, Tuscan feel, but I wasn’t having much luck. Then I found this cute polka dotted paper that came in all the colors I have in my living room. I kind of still have my eye out for something more intricate, but for now these are cute!

My first step was cutting the paper to the right size. I wanted a white border to show around, so I cut the squares about 1/4″ shorter than the length and width of the tile.

I decided to do two coasters in each color.

My  next step was to paint a thing layer of Mod Podge onto the coaster and place the paper in the center. I then painted a thin layer of Mod Podge over the scrapbook paper. I let those get good and dry.

Drying coasters! The two that aren’t polka dotted were my practice round. I just used scrapbook paper I already had in my craft room. The coasters are in the craft room now, too.

As you can see in the picture, I did get some bubbling and buckling in the paper when it was damp from the Mod Podge. This mostly went away when it was completely dry.

The last step was to seal them with some clear spray paint. I used something that was rated for outdoor as well so it would be water proof. I put on about 4 coats I think. Most tutorials say one or two, but I wanted a glossier look than one or two coats gave me. I stopped at four because I didn’t want the paint to start to look yellow.

Spray painting the coasters, I used Rustoleum clear glossy paint

After the paint was dry I let them air out for a couple of days on the back porch and then I glued felt squares to each corner on the bottom to keep it from scratching the table.

They turned out pretty well, but we’ve been using them for a little while and there are a couple of things I unhappy with. They really are better for hot drinks because they do not absorb any of the water. The water tends to puddle on them, and one of them seems to be losing some of its paint because of that. Also, some of the bubbles in the paper that I had spray painted down have popped back up. This project is something I may revisit (or maybe just give up on!) in the future, but I definitely can’t complain when you look at the price!

Ten white ceramic tiles from Lowe’s: $1.80

One can of clear Rustoleum: $3.50

Four sheets of scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby: $2.50

One sheet of felt: Already had, but about $1 at most craft stores


Ten super fun coasters!


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