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Fingerless Mitts – Craftsmas 2011 Project 2

First of all, I know I am waaay behind. I’ve been incredibly busy, and as much as I love crafting, there have been other priorities, so I’m going to extend my deadline to the end of the winter.

This next project is something that I also didn’t get from Pinterest, but trust me that you can find lots of these on the site. Fingerless mitts are wonderful in that they keep your hands warm but don’t limit your mobility. i.e., you can still type, text, dial the phone, etc. while having toasty warm hands. I got my Aunt Lynn’s name for our Christmas trade, and she is notorious for cold hands, so I decided to bust out my DPNs (double-pointed knitting needles) and whip up some of these. I just made up the pattern as I went, and I plan to get it written up and post it here just as soon as I can (which will definitely not be before January 16)


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It may seem I have fallen off of my craft horse, but fear not! There are projects in progress, but they are going to be Christmas gifts, so I’ve got to keep them on the down low until they have been gifted!

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More knitting!

Remember when I was so excited because my photo of my knitted gnome got some love on Well I took it for a photo competition she hosts every year, and I made it into the semifinalists! Next step is getting lots o’love in the comments. If I get enough, I’ll be a finalist and be up for an official vote to win some awesome knitting loot!

I’d appreciate any help I can get!

(I am LoveInIndy and my photo is called Tiny Gnome at the beach! And it looks like this)

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