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Despite my hopes of getting some pictures up here of our (awesome) house switcharoos, the true fact of the matter is that the house has gone backwards this week, looking even more like we just moved in and have not in reality been living there for 8+ months. But sometimes things get worse before they get better, right?

This weekend we don’t have many plans, other than heading into Broad Ripple to enjoy the first Colts game of the season at some or the other bar, so I’m hoping to get things straightened up and get some nice pictures for you.

In the meantime, I thought I’d give you a quick update about a very exciting occurrence in our life!

On August 27, Paul and I became the proud owners of a Mazdaspeed3 (Yes, I’m pretty sure it is supposed to be all one word like that. Yes, I also think it is weird) This is the first major purchase we have made as a married couple! It’s a 2011, but gently used, and still has the new car smell. We’re pretty sure it got repossessed, which is a bummer for someone out there, but we’re glad to have it. This particular car is only made in Japan, so they have been in short supply since the earthquake/tsunami, and we were lucky to get our hands on one. I also think it’s kind of neat that it came over on a long boat ride, but I’m also kind of a dork.

When we started looking for dreaming about buying a car, Paul and I were on pretty different pages about what we wanted. There wasn’t anything wrong with the Grand Am, I was just ready for a change. I wanted something practical, Paul wanted something fun. We started by looking at cars that kind of fit both bills, such as the VW Golf GTI and the Subaru WRX (though we weren’t actually able to find a WRX to test drive as they sell faster than they can be made, and people who want them want them to have the least number of miles possible so dealerships won’t let you test drive them anyway. Apparently they are pretty awesome.) Both of us were super psyched up about the VW Golf GTI, and were both let down pretty hard. Not that it isn’t a great car, but it definitely didn’t make us want to take it home. right. now. (Though I was a big fan of the plaid seats!)

What I had more in mind was a crossover (an SUV on a car chassis) and we only ended up driving one, but we couldn’t imagine a single thing we would change about it, and are actually pretty sure that if we someday find that we need more people/stuff hauling space, we’re just going to get one of them. It was the Subaru Forester and we loved it. Tons of space, smooth ride, quiet ride, minimal rolling in the turns (for an SUV type thing). After we drove the Forester, we decided to check out the used car dealership nearby (they actually told us they had a Mazdaspeed3 coming in, which is why we went. It turned out to be a Mazda 3, which isn’t what we were looking for. More on what the “speed” means later.)

At the used car dealership, they just happened to have a MiniCooper on display, and it was yellow, so naturally I had to drive it. It was SO much fun, and that put me in a “I’m young. I don’t have kids. Maybe I need something fun” mode. After that, I was pretty much sold on el yellow Mini, but felt like the wisest thing to do would be to do a bit more research, see how much other similar Minis went for, etc. We were pretty much in a “Let’s do it” mindset, when Paul suggested that we go to the Mazda dealership and just try a Speed3. It had been on his list of “super awesome fun cars” since the start, and we hadn’t actually ever driven one.

My first thought driving it was “It’s so fun!” It was as fun as the Mini to drive, and at least 100 times more practical. It is 4 doors (which was on my original list of “musts”), it was fun to drive, it had a hatch big enough for the dog to ride comfortably in. But this brought up a whole different decision. The Mini had so much personality and pizazz, and was just a fun car. In the end, the combo of practical and fun won out, and I’m so happy we made the decision we did. The Speed3 also has personality, and it’s kind of fun driving around in it and thinking “This car is turbo charged and crazy quick and it’s disguised as a hatchback!”

The Speed3 (not the regular 3) has a manual transmission and a turbo charger, so it’s really fast and a lot of fun to drive. Paul could probably give you a better description, but this will have to do for now.

More about the house to come this weekend!

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