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More photos of our house

Here are some more photos of our house!

We got this cabinet from mom and dad. It had been in their barn and in the basement before that. They brought it to us so I could refinish it and then put it in my craft room, which is a work in progress. But the craft room is getting crowded, and after it had been stored on the porch for a while I decided I kind of like it there. I also decided not to refinish it because people spend a lot of time and money trying to make furniture look antiqued the way this one already does. The inside was a little greasy, so I cut up an old sheet I had and stapled it on the inside and put some sheets of a brown material I can't remember the name of on top of the shelves. It makes a really nice pantry for things like crock pots and cake carriers. The porch looks like a real room now and not a place where junk collects, which I am very happy about. A basket on top holds potatoes and onions.

This is our bedroom. I would like to have a headboard someday, but the window behind the bed has given me a challenge.

Both downstairs bedrooms have this wonderful built-ins.

The office is straight down the hall from the front door. The futon came with the house.

Another view of the office. It has the same built-ins as our bedroom, and we store blankets, off-season clothes and formal clothes we don't wear often.

This is the downstairs bathroom. I kind of hate the tile/wallpaper combo, but it's just a rental. It does have a nice big closet for linens and first aid stuff.

And one final note…

Tucker has a big nose!

Have a great weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

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