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Who’s hungry!

We’ve been cooking lots lately. Some highlights:

This lovely grilled pineapple over pound cake with caramel rum sauce was so amazing.

The pound cake recipe is from How to Cook Everything by Bittman (this cookbook is legendary, and also, really can tell you how to cook almost anything. I recommend it.)

The rest was from Bobby Flay’s Grill It Cookbook, which is also where the fish taco recipe came from.

We also made some homemade pot pie!

We started by chopping up some fresh vegetables.

Then we cooked some chicken leg quarters in the pressure cooker. We did three leg quarters, four cups of water, some thyme, some rosemary, two bay leaves and a quarter of an onion. We reserved the water, skimmed off the fat and froze it in one cup bags to use as chicken stock.

We mixed together the chicken, vegetables, a couple cans of cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup and popped it all in a store bought pie crust. In the over for about an hour at 400, and we ate this delicious thing:

We actually cut up way too many vegetables, and ended up with enough to fill three pies. So we took the second two pies and wrapped them in several layers of plastic wrap, put them in a large freezer bag and put them in the freezer so we’ll have some easy home cooked meals in the next few weeks.

We also had some excitement last weekend. Seth and Amanda came to visit, so naturally we decided it would be a good idea to put on some camo and shoot each other.

Paintball was really fun, and Amanda and I kicked butt!

I still haven’t found a job, and just got word I didn’t receive the one I interviewed for about five weeks ago. I do have  meeting tomorrow about another one, though (It’s not really an interview I don’t think) so wish me luck!

In the meantime, we told Tucker he needs to find some work.

Have a happy Memorial Day!

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New recipe! Fish tacos

Has everyone given up and turned on the AC? We did, but the temperature is supposed to drop tonight back into the 60s and stay there for a few days, so hopefully we’ll be able to switch it off and conserve some more power/moolah.

Now that it really feels like summer, I have really been craving fish tacos, so I decided to crack open one of the cook books Paul got for Christmas, Bobby’s Flay’s Grill It! This cookbook is really nice in that it teaches you basic preparation of a lot of different foods, then offers variations for sauces and glazes once you have the grilling technique down. Each section (and there are 17 of them) focuses on a different type of food. The first recipe is usually “perfectly grilled” and then the variations follow.

I chose the San Diego-style Blue Corn Salmon Tacos with Orange-Habanero Hot Sauce.

And they were amazing.

Prep work all finished. On the left, cabbage and green onion which made the tacos nice and crisp and fresh; upper right, the excessive amount of orange habanero hot sauce and below right is a chipotle lime mayonnaise. Yum.

The only thing about the recipe is that it made a cup of the hot sauce and we probably used three tablespoons of it, but I think the recipe makes so much because a habanero can be a potent thing and Flay doesn’t want the sauce to be too spicy. The recipe only calls for one habanero, but Paul and I used two because we love spicy food, and it turned out delicious with just the right amount of heat for us.

Pretty grilled salmon! We used Steelhead salmon fillets, which have lots of omega 3s! We followed Flay's recipe for perfectly grilled salmon, which simply involves coating the fish in olive oil, sprinkling on some salt and pepper and cooking for a few minutes on each side over a grill at high heat. Another tip he offers is to not play with the fish. If you let the fish alone until it lets go of the grill, your fish won't flake apart and fall into the coals.

Then you mix it all together to make a delicious salmon salad, which you then stuff into your tacos. The tacos were really easy to put together because you only have one filling. Heat up a taco shell on the grill, fill with the yummy salmon salad, drizzle on the sauce and enjoy!

Ready for your consuming pleasure! (I couldn't find blue corn taco shells, which is what the recipe calls for. I will try to keep my eyes open for them. We used the shells that stand up for easy stuffing, and they were easier to stuff but harder to eat, so I think next time we'll just use regular ones.)

These things were seriously delicious and we definitely plan to make them again soon! I am going to put the orange-habanero sauce in a freezer ziploc baggie and freeze it in hopes that it will keep and we won’t have to make the sauce every time we want the tacos.

I seriously recommend this book to anyone who likes to grill. The fruit section and the many sections on vegetables also make this a very vegetarian friendly book. Tonight we are making marlin steaks and are going to try a couple more recipes from this book. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Tucker says "Have fun this weekend and don't forget your sunglasses!"


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More photos of our house

Here are some more photos of our house!

We got this cabinet from mom and dad. It had been in their barn and in the basement before that. They brought it to us so I could refinish it and then put it in my craft room, which is a work in progress. But the craft room is getting crowded, and after it had been stored on the porch for a while I decided I kind of like it there. I also decided not to refinish it because people spend a lot of time and money trying to make furniture look antiqued the way this one already does. The inside was a little greasy, so I cut up an old sheet I had and stapled it on the inside and put some sheets of a brown material I can't remember the name of on top of the shelves. It makes a really nice pantry for things like crock pots and cake carriers. The porch looks like a real room now and not a place where junk collects, which I am very happy about. A basket on top holds potatoes and onions.

This is our bedroom. I would like to have a headboard someday, but the window behind the bed has given me a challenge.

Both downstairs bedrooms have this wonderful built-ins.

The office is straight down the hall from the front door. The futon came with the house.

Another view of the office. It has the same built-ins as our bedroom, and we store blankets, off-season clothes and formal clothes we don't wear often.

This is the downstairs bathroom. I kind of hate the tile/wallpaper combo, but it's just a rental. It does have a nice big closet for linens and first aid stuff.

And one final note…

Tucker has a big nose!

Have a great weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

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Is it too early to start a Christmas list?


The weather here is just wet wet wet, but yesterday was nice enough to have a few people over and grill.

I apologize for the long delay, but I have a couple blog posts planned this week! In the meantime, a little sunshine in the form of a swing built for two!

(Swing is from Lowe’s)

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