I have not had a fully accessorized house/apartment/or even room since I moved out of my parents’ house (unless it was a roomate’s doing). Now that we are settled (our at least more so than for the past 5ish years) I am willing to excited to make a little investment  to have a really put together room. I have finally settled on a color scheme of brown, tan, green, yellow and burnt orange.  Today I went on a living room accessory mission and am extremely happy with the results. And Tucker loves the rug. So much that he won’t get off of it for fear we will take it.

I did this all on somewhat of a budget, and still want to add yellow and orange to the room, but plan to hit up inexpensive stores with frequently rotating inventory (i.e. Home Goods, Big Lots, until I find something I like for a small enough price.

Green pillows – $15 apiece from TJ Maxx Home Goods

Rug – $60 from Wal-Mart

Curtains – $20 per panel from Target

Slipcover – $30 from

Coffee table (which I have had since Carbondale) – $5 off of Facebook marketplace

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