House photos!

Here are some photos of the front portion of the house.

The view from the front door. The living room is to the right, the kitchen is around the corner to the left. The first door on the left in the hallway goes upstairs, the second is a coat closet. That is the office straight ahead.

The entrance to the living room

The fireplace. I am still working on finding frames I like for wedding photos to go above the mantle.

The other end of the living room. The window looks onto the front porch.

The kitchen! We love to cook. Paul installed the pot rack above the stove, and I made the curtain at the back left for an appliance garage. Hopefully you can forgive the mess and clutter. It's also nice having a bar to eat at, as there isn't really room for a dining table anywhere.

We don't really know what to call this room. It's just kind of stuck in the middle with no room for a dining room table.

The dining table is on the enclosed porch, but we don't ever actually eat there. The porch also serves as the place for Goodwill donations and recyclables. Also, WordPress won't let me flip the photo and I don't feel like fighting with it. So sorry about that.

This door goes to the patio in the backyard. It conveniently came with a doggy door, so the dog can come inside or go outside when we aren't home. Same story with the sideways photo.

So that’s the main part of the home.

Coming next week:

Roasted chicken!

The outside of our home

The back of our home (bedroom, office and bathroom)

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