A quick apology, a quick update

So sorry for the hiatus. Just thought I’d give you a quick update and tell you about my new initiatives to make sure I blog at least once a week.

First of all, I am spring cleaning this week, so I will have photos of the rest of the house up this week.

Second, quite a while ago, I gave myself a goal of cooking one new recipe each week. The point was to try and learn new techniques, new foods, new flavors and to reduce the amount of eating out we did. A goal that kind of piggybacked was to do more meal planning, take grocery store trips that were less frequent and more accomplished and to reduce the amount of food that is in our freezer and refrigerator. When we moved to Indy, I started putting a list on the refrigerator of what we had ingredients to make.

With the cruise, the holidays and the move all piling up in December, the new-recipe-a-week goal went by the wayside, so I am now renewing that goal, and each week I will blog about it , providing a recipe, photos, notes and pointers in case anyone else wants to join me or thinks a particular recipe sounds particularly delicious.

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