Sooo… that bed definitely isn’t going up those stairs

That is something to the effect of what our movers told us about my platform bed, a project Mom and I made when I moved out of the dorms and into an apartment.

But Paul and I were undeterred, and decided that we could not only get that bed up those stairs, but make it so it would be easy to get it back down and move it in the future.


Before, the bed frame out on the back deck

Step 1: Saw the bed in half.

This was the point of no return. We knew that there was a chance it would not go smoothly, and that if it did not, the bed may be toast forever. Undeterred, we borrowed Keith’s (Paul’s brother) circular saw. The saw wasn’t quite long enough, so after we had cut what we could with that, we had to go to Lowe’s and get a good old-fashioned hand saw to finish the job. The frame was a tiny bit shorter after the sawing, but not enough to keep the box spring from fitting inside.

Sawing it in half, with Keith's circular saw. It didn't saw quite all the way, so we had to go buy a handsaw to finish the job.

Step 2: Put it back together.

We went to the hardware store and got some buckles. Paul installed one on each side of the bed, and it snaps right back together. It doesn’t always stay that way, but as a guest bed I don’t think it will get enough use to be a problem.

All chipped up from the saw. Sad day.

Shiny new buckles, chipped paint, and the solution.

The finished product:

The end.



Several people have requested more photos of the house, so I’ll be adding them as I show specific rooms.

The guest room (which is upstairs) Sometimes we like to call it the orphanage:

The guest room, aka "the orphanage"

Luckily the bedding I used both at home in high school and in college matched each other, and we got the taller twin bed from my parents house. We added a couple bookshelves, a night stand and a chair. We’re still working on decorations to make it feel more lived in, but we’re going to wait and hopefully repurpose decorations we already had.

The upstairs landing:

The upstairs landing. It's a very sunny and pleasant place, and my airplane plant seems very happy there!

The open door to the right is the home’s second bathroom.

There isn't any storage, so we were lucky we had saved this over-the-toilet rack from my apartment in Champaign. We had repurposed it to be laundry supply storage at 605 N. State.

The knobs on the sink are kind of wonky, but they work. The showerhead is in pretty bad shape, but Paul, being the excellent handyman he is, replaced the showerhead in the main level bathroom. We're hoping to maybe put that old one (which is in bad shape but not quite as bad) into the upstairs bathroom. It's just a stall shower though so we aren't sure if it'll fit. We shall find out!

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