The television

For the past year, our television has been wider than our refurbished (I use that term rather loosely. Mom and I gave it some feet, a new shelf and a little touch up of paint) tv stand. My parents got us a nice television for Christmas last year, so this year we decided to get ourselves a little present: a tv mount.






The living room after the television has been mounted



To keep the television from scratching up or nicking the plaster walls, we also devised a little system to keep the hard metal bars away from the wall.



The makings of TV mount bumpers

I folded some spare fabric I had around some spare fiberfill. I glued it into a pillow with a pocket on the outside to go around the metal bars. We tested them (very gently) and see to stay put well and do what they were meant to!


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3 responses to “The television

  1. Emily

    We mounted ours too after one of my friends knocked ours over. lol

  2. Meg Demick Horcher

    Welcome to Indy! We are your cousins thru your great Aunt Ellie . Email me back

  3. Ann

    More pics of your house, please!!! I gave Meg the link to your website. She was so excited to find out you were in indy.

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