Hey! Nice to see you!

Welcome to our blog! Here we’ll be keeping you all updated about our new life in Indy, adjusting to city living, settling in and the projects we take on! We’ll also be blogging about sweet finds or disappointing dives as we learn about Indy ourselves.

We’re still in Illinois for a couple of weeks, but we’ll be keeping you up to date on everything we get done between now and Dec. 23, when our stuff will be unloaded in Indy! We might also show you a tantalizing photo or two of our Western Caribbean cruise we’ll be on next week for our honeymoon!

For now, we’re trying to keep things clean clean clean and very organized! I have been strategically grouping things so that the moving company packs them together! Today’s project: Finish the craft room and work on the attic!

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  1. Ann

    Sarah, I did not realize that you were a packrat. Just so you know, the trait had to have been passed down genetically from the Lohman side, starting with your grandmother, then your Aunt Ann, and now to you. I look in my packed cabinets and closets and swear that I am going to clean them out – when I retire!

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