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Sayonara, stuff!

I have had a very serious problem with being a packrat for, well, my entire life. I have decided that will be the case no more!

This resolution has come from several things. One of those is the fact that our attic is CRAMMED full of unpacked boxes, and now, at the final hour, I must go through them. I keep telling myself that they are added insulation, but I am probably wrong. The other is that, the last time we went to my parents’ home, it took me (with Mom’s help) many hours to sort through all of the things I had been hanging on to for years and years. When I was sorting through this, I had a realization that, while these things were once important to me, they are only things.

So today, I took one bag of clothes to consign (where I earned $28.42! Woo!) I also took three boxes of stuff to the Salvation Army, and more will go tomorrow! I’m glad to get rid of it, but sad because I know we hauled all of that stuff around during the last move! But, there’s no better time than now to begin! (Mom, are you reading this?)

Paul also went through some boxes and got rid of a big box of stuff. I hope some of it (like the remote control Corvette Paul received as a joke gift from his dad – when you graduate college I’ll buy you a Corvette!) ends up making some child very happy for Christmas 🙂


Anybody else on a mission to pare down?

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Hey! Nice to see you!

Welcome to our blog! Here we’ll be keeping you all updated about our new life in Indy, adjusting to city living, settling in and the projects we take on! We’ll also be blogging about sweet finds or disappointing dives as we learn about Indy ourselves.

We’re still in Illinois for a couple of weeks, but we’ll be keeping you up to date on everything we get done between now and Dec. 23, when our stuff will be unloaded in Indy! We might also show you a tantalizing photo or two of our Western Caribbean cruise we’ll be on next week for our honeymoon!

For now, we’re trying to keep things clean clean clean and very organized! I have been strategically grouping things so that the moving company packs them together! Today’s project: Finish the craft room and work on the attic!

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